Existing shared owners


A lot of water is used in the construction of a new home. This has to be given time to dry out.

Whenever possible, keep your rooms well ventilated with doors and windows open to ensure that there is a reasonable level of background heating. You are also advised to leave cupboard doors ajar and try not to pack too many contents into them for the first few months. This should help to prevent mildew from developing.

As the plaster dries out you may notice some minor cracks; this is normal and not a defect. Larger cracks should be reported within the defects period so that the builder can repair them.

If you wish to decorate, it is advisable to wait at least a year until the walls have fully dried out.

Even when the building has completely dried out, condensation remains a potential problem. The high insulation standards of new homes means that unless you open windows regularly or provide other ventilation, water vapour from bathrooms and kitchens may condense on the walls and windows, leading to an unsightly growth of black mould.

When the defects period has ended, you become responsible for all the repairs and maintenance to your home. If you own a share, your responsibilities are identical to those of a full owner. Although we own a share of the equity, we will not do these repairs for you. The rent does not cover repairs.

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