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Your right to complain

Yarlington takes complaints from its customers very seriously. We believe that complaints are an important measure of the service we provide and we are anxious to know where improvements can be made. In recognition of this, we have adopted and published a formal complaints procedure.

You have the right to expect to receive good service from Yarlington and if you feel that you have not, we would like you to tell us. If you ever feel patronised, discriminated against or offended by a member of staff, please tell us. Yarlington believes that it can learn from its mistakes and that complaints can lead to improvements in service and communication with the public.

We would also like you to let us know if you wish to comment upon our performance or compliment us upon our actions. You should expect to be treated with respect by all Yarlington staff when using services or expressing your views.

Who to complain to?

You may complain to any member of staff and they will see that the correct person deals with it.

How to complain?

You may complain in person at any Yarlington office during working hours. You may write to or e-mail the Customer Experience specialist – the address to write to is Yarlington Housing Group, Lupin Way, Yeovil, BA22 8WN. Or you can telephone Yarlington on 01935 404500, or register your complaint by emailing customer.engagement@yhg.co.uk  If you have an urgent problem and it is out of office hours, please call the normal Yarlington number, the out-of-hours service will note your complaint and refer it to the appropriate manager. If you find it difficult to complain, you may ask a friend or adviser to do this for you, but you must give them your authority to do so.

How will Yarlington respond?

If we can resolve your complaint on the spot we will do so. Otherwise, we aim to respond to your complaint within the timescales details in our policy. Once we know you wish to complain we will contact you as soon as possible, tell you who will be dealing with your complaint and indicating when a detailed reply can be expected. You should receive a full response within 14 days of our receiving your original complaint. If there are reasons why it will take longer, we will keep you fully informed of progress.

What if you are not satisfied?

We hope to be able to settle most complaints amicably. However, if you are dissatisfied you may ask that your complaint is referred for further investigation, giving reasons why you are not satisfied with the outcome.

If, having followed these steps, you still feel your complaint has not been fairly dealt with you may contact us and it will be referred for a strategic review by a senior panel.

This is the final stage of the Company’s complaint procedure, but if you feel that Yarlington has been guilty of maladministration – that it did something the wrong way, did something it should not have done, or failed to do something it should have done – then you may pass your complaint to the Independent Housing Ombudsman service.

The Ombudsman will not consider a complaint until the complainant has exhausted the Company’s complaints procedure. Going direct to the Housing Ombudsman will incur a waiting period of eight weeks. However, you may contact a designated person, who could be an MP or a recognised tenant panel, to ask them to take up your case for you. Further information on this is available in our advice leaflet, a copy of which is available online or on request.

The Ombudsman scheme does not deal with complaints about rents or service charge levels, matters that have gone, or are about to go, to a court or a tribunal, or disputes between neighbours (unless the complaint relates to how the Company dealt with such a problem).   

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