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21 Reasons to buy in 2021

After what’s been a difficult year for us, our homes have become more important to us than ever before. If your space no longer suits your needs, and you’re considering buying a new home in 2021, we’ve listed out our top 21 reasons to buy new with Shared Ownership!

1. The green choice
With the increasing focus on the climate crisis, choosing a new home has great benefits for the environment. Many of our Shared Ownership homes are brand-new and energy-efficient! This means you’ll be paying less to heat your new home, and we’ll even fit low-energy lightbulbs to all newbuild properties as standard.

2. No chain
Buying a newbuild home means that you’ll be the first person to ever live in it! So there will be no forward chain in your purchase, reducing potential delays in getting you moved in.

3. No renovation
Another benefit of being the first owner of a home means no ugly wallpaper, no broken boilers and no renovation needed! Your newbuild home will be ready to move in the day you get the keys!

4. Choice
You may think that Shared Ownership means shacking up with a stranger, or moving into a home smaller than you’d hoped. Think again! You can buy anything from a one bedroom apartment to a four bedroom house on the Shared Ownership scheme. You’ll also be able to choose a home in a location that’s right for you. No sharing, simply buy a bit and rent a bit – it’s that simple!*

5. Join a new community
By buying a home on a new development, one of the highlights will be the new community you move into. Everyone else will be moving in at a similar time to you, so you won’t be the new neighbour on the block!

6. Step onto the property ladder
If one of your goals for 2021 is to become a homeowner, then look no further! Shared Ownership could be the answer. It’s just another way to buy a home, but in a way that’s more affordable for you.

7. More security than renting
Many renters have had their landlord choose to sell, forcing them to restart their hunt for a home. With Shared Ownership, it’s your home until you say otherwise. Stay as long as you choose, and you could even staircase to become a 100% owner!*

8. Freedom to decorate
Love bold colours, but stuck with your landlord’s plain white walls? As a shared owner, you’ll have the freedom to decorate however you like! There’s no better way to make it feel like a home. For more information on decorating and renovations, speak to our Post Sales team >

9. Low deposits
Did you know that with Shared Ownership, you may only need a deposit worth 5% of the share you purchase?* That means, in some cases, you could buy your new home with a deposit from £3,000!* No need to keep saving – move onto the property ladder sooner than you think.

10. Freedom to staircase (if and when you want!)
‘Staircasing’ is what we call buying more shares of your home. You can buy in small increments, if and when you’re ready. Find out more >

11. A team of experts, here to help!
Buying a home is daunting, and there’s so much information out there! We have dedicated Sales, Resales and Post Sales teams here to help you through every stage of your home ownership journey. Whether you’re buying your first home, or looking to sell, ask the experts.

12. Warranty
We’re proud to bring high-quality, value-for-money homes to the market. As part of this, every new home we sell comes with a 10 year warranty. What’s more, any appliances provided with your property will have a warranty too! So no need to worry about things going wrong.

13. Need the help of a Solicitor or Mortgage Advisor?
Shared Ownership purchases require specialists, and we work with the best! We’ve even put together a panel of Solicitors and Independent Mortgage Advisors to save you time. Find out more >

14. We'll help you sell
We know that as your life changes, and family grows, you may look at buying a new home. Our Resales team are here to help you sell! We can help organise floor plans and photographs, as well as listing your home.

15. MOD priority
Did you know that both current and ex-military personnel get priority with the Shared Ownership scheme? Just speak to a member of our Sales Team for more information.

16. Modern layouts
Looking for something in particular? We offer a range of exciting layouts across our developments, so you can find a home with everything you need. Whether it’s a spacious, open-plan design, or a three-storey town house, there’s lots to choose from.

17. Tell mum and dad you're moving out!
Sick of date night at mum and dad’s? Or feeling priced out of your home town? Shared Ownership is here to help! With 5% deposits available across our properties, you can get all of the space and privacy you’ve been dreaming of.

18. Invest in your future
By buying a home, you’re investing in the future for your family. You’re not paying money every month for a home which isn’t yours.

19. Affording a bigger home than you expected
Shared Ownership means buying a percentage of a property, meaning that you could afford a much bigger home than you would on the open market.

20. Subsidised rent
The rent you pay to us for your Shared Ownership home is subsidised, so you could save money every month compared to renting. This means more money for the things you love!

21. Another reason to buy this January!
Need some more moving motivation? We’re offering a £250 voucher for John Lewis, IKEA or MADE when you reserve one of our selected plots in January! Terms and conditions apply, find out more >

*Affordability and eligibility criteria apply, please visit for more details.

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